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Wed, 2010-11-17 20:42 — Aralynn McMane

Want to make an election interesting for young people? Try poetry, says Waldemar Pas, editor of the free Polish newspaper, Metro.  In a campaign called, “if you are fed up with empty words, take control,” the paper challenged readers to submit funny, two-line poems supporting one of the presidential candidates in the style of the play on words used by the Polish Nobel-Prize-winning poet Wislawa Szymborska.

Tue, 2009-06-02 16:08 — Valerie Arnould

German publishing house Axel Springer AG appears to be raising the stakes in the Polish newspaper market: Its Polish division, Axel Springer Poland, announced a joint venture with Infor Biznes, a subsidiary of Infor PL, which publishes Gazeta Prawna, the leading Polish business newspaper. Axel Springer Poland acquires 49 percent of the shares in Infor Biznes, and will bring its quality newspaper Dziennik (151,000 copies) into the joint venture.


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